Nemanja Bratic is a prime example of AlphaGroup’s industry prowess and founding principles

May 19, 2022
When the AlphaGroup of medical communications agencies established precision, integrity, and passion as its pillars for success, the company founders sought to uphold these values across all client-facing and employee relations. Nemanja “Nem” Bratic, PharmD, Scientific Communications Manager for the AlphaBioCom agency, shares that his professional expertise and internal experience align with AlphaGroup’s corporate cornerstones and industry reputation for excellence.
Nemanja “Nem” Bratic, PharmD, Scientific Communications Manager for the AlphaBioCom agency

“Everyone at AlphaGroup continuously strives to improve upon communications for effectively meeting our client deliverables with the utmost quality,” Nem said. “This supportive team structure, combined with their focus on academic research and continued education, differentiates the company from others in the industry.”


Nem’s goal in joining AlphaBioCom was to transition from a clinical research role to a medical affairs/communications position working with pharmaceutical companies, areas where he is most passionate. As an experienced PharmD with knowledge of scientific and regulatory requirements, Nem was an ideal candidate for this position at AlphaBioCom.

“The onboarding at AlphaGroup has been a rewarding experience that demonstrates their priority on open communications and industry best practices,” he said. “I am grateful to work for a company that shares my same standards for excellence while allowing me to grow professionally.”


In his role at AlphaGroup, Nem constructs scientific abstracts, manuscripts, posters, and slide decks. He also interfaces with clients, physicians, and thought leaders to develop quality scientific content. His success in these areas comes from his more than four years of medical communications experience, both on the agency and client sides. Nem’s work has been wide-ranging, too; he brings relevant expertise to many of the medical specialties in which AlphaGroup works including immunology/inflammation, psychiatry/neurology, oncology, infectious disease, hepatology, and gastroenterology.

Outside of AlphaGroup, Nem enjoys various sports including golf, basketball, and soccer
Nem received his Doctor of Pharmacy from Marshall B. Ketchum University, his Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Sciences from Wayne State University, and is Board Certified as a Medical Science Liaison. He is fluent in English, Serbian, Bosnian, and Croatian. Outside of AlphaGroup, Nem enjoys various sports including golf, basketball, and soccer.

About our Company:

AlphaGroup is a team of PhD scientists, MDs, PharmDs, nurses, designers, and communications and innovation experts. Our collective genius delivers the highest-quality scientific, medical affairs, and outcomes communication services anywhere in the world. The company thrives on three pillars of success—Precision, Integrity, and Passion. Our goal is to cultivate a culture of quality, caring, cutting-edge thinking, and service across a team, reinventing the medical and scientific communications industry standard globally.