Gifts for our future generations

AUGUST 26, 2021

Back to school can be a bittersweet time of year, filled with anticipation but also with anxiety. Many children eagerly await their school supply list, filled with the excitement of shopping for a new backpack, colored folders, pencil cases, and other classroom necessities. Others face this fresh start with the uncertainty of knowing whether their parents or caregivers can afford these often-costly classroom materials.

Community support is a cornerstone of AlphaGroup Medical Communications’ culture. So to help make a difference in our area, we rallied to gather essential school supplies for the new children joining the Norristown Area School District (NASD) for the start of the 2021 school year.

Thanks to the efforts of AlphaGroup’s internal DEI task force TIDE (Tolerance, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity), our company successfully gathered supplies to fill 100 backpacks for the NASD family support center. Our donations are part of the district’s “Welcome Packet” program for new families and students.

The AlphaGroup TIDE Committee – Vanessa Borkhoche, Janel Gluch, and Angie Schaefer – stuff backpacks for donating to the Norristown Area School District (NASD)
Essential back to school supplies for NASD’s “Welcome Packet” program

“Investing in the education of our future generations is one of the greatest gifts we can offer this time of year,” said Vanessa Borkhoche, AlphaGroup Account Manager (she/her) and founding member of TIDE. “We hope these gifts will ease the transition for 100 new students receiving these backpacks and school supplies.”

TIDE shares AlphaGroup’s core principles to support all races, religions, ages, abilities, nationalities, genders, and sexual orientations. The TIDE vision is for an agency that reflects our diverse community and clients; a company culture of openness and accountability; individual responsibility for equitable, inclusive, and welcoming practices; and a reputation as a diverse and philanthropic workplace.

We wish all schools, faculties, students, and families a successful and healthy new school year.