Are we having fun yet?

SEPTEMBER 18, 2020

The answer is a resounding “Yes!”

These days, a belly-shaking laugh is hard to find. So AlphaGroup hosted a Virtual Field Day for its team of scientists as a break from the seemingly Groundhog Day effect of working from home and social distancing.

What’s the secret sauce? Passion. A reminder that there is no “I” in Team. The “Group as a Whole” theory that the entire organization is only as strong as the individuals composing it. Proof that each one of our extraordinary team members is needed for AlphaGroup to meet its mission to work with Precision, Integrity and Impetuous Passion.

“AlphaGroup’s collective genius is what empowers our agencies to deliver the highest-quality scientific, medical affairs, and outcomes communication services anywhere in the world,” said AlphaGroup cofounder and partner Stephen Douthwaite.

AlphaGroup hosts an “Endless Summer” Virtual Field Day with the goal to maintain productivity, collaboration, and learning among team members working remotely. 

Healthy snacks for body and mind gifted to all participants in advance of the AlphaGroup Virtual Field Day.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at our Virtual Field Day that rallied our team to endeavor on a new season with reignited vigor. Our three objectives were to have some silliness, take a break from work, and eat nutritious snacks.

Our Methodology:

  • Split the group into three teams
  • Set group challenges to be conducted within Ring Central team meetings
  • Score and amass points
  • Identify those who went above and beyond

Our Creative Challenges:

  • The most inventive team name
  • A PowerPoint or photo montage of team members cuddling their favorite pet … or closest example of one … in 15 minutes
  • A karaoke contest featuring each team singing a top Billboard song
  • A challenge quiz

What were the results? Unadulterated exceptional intelligence created with Precision, Integrity, and Passion. Conclusive evidence that scientists in the time of a pandemic can and do have fun along the way.

Have a look at what the AlphaGroup collectively designed while smiling and laughing. And stay tuned for our Alpha Awards coming soon.

AlphaGroup Team 2 hits the Billboard charts with their karaoke rendition of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” 

Virtual Field Day challenge two as Team 3 shares their favorite “pet” montage.

AlphaGroup is a team of scientific and medical affairs communication specialists supporting AlphaBioComAlphaScientia and AlphaQsci agencies. The company is made up of PhD scientists, MDs, PharmDs, nurses, designers, communication and innovation experts.