A growth mindset is a winning formula for long-term success in medical communications

September 14, 2022

Seeking to understand the client’s needs and leveraging the agency team’s strengths is the mission of Jennifer Kurdziel, Senior Account Director at AlphaBioCom. Her 20+ years of account leadership experience with global pharmaceutical companies further Jennifer’s ability to meet AlphaGroup medical communications’ pillars for success—precision, integrity, and passion.

Jennifer Kurdziel, Senior Account Director at AlphaBioCom

Jennifer helps lead the company in providing unparalleled quality to its esteemed medical industry clients. She is an adaptable team member who learns quickly, solves problems, and contributes to the organization’s growth. Her high level of service skills ensures that the partnership between the client and company staff is efficient, effective, and profitable.

“Working in diverse therapeutic areas through various stages of a product lifestyle keeps my job interesting,” said Jennifer. “I work closely with clients to understand their situation and offer solutions that showcase critical data in multiple publication settings.”

Jennifer’s positive experience at AlphaGroup is also the result of the company’s growth mindset culture that focuses on collaboration, troubleshooting, professional development, and high-quality mentorship. In addition to the collaboration and kindness key to AlphaBioCom culture, she values her team’s perseverance, desire to learn, creativity, and internal coaching.

“The company’s investment in upskilling and reskilling its employees’ talents sets AlphaGroup apart from other industry leaders,” said Jennifer. “It allows us to constantly deliver best-of-class medical communications to our clients and their audiences.”    

The company’s growth mindset culture focuses on collaboration, troubleshooting, professional development, and high-quality mentorship.

These various factors of excellence are the winning formula for creating long-term, sustainable client success and the ongoing retention of dedicated employees. In today’s work environment, where the media is reporting on quiet quitting, AlphaGroup bucks this trend by constantly re-investing in its team and exceeding the expectations of its clients. Jennifer and her colleagues share these company visions and take the same approaches to ensure that the organization continues to grow internally and externally.

About our Company:

AlphaGroup is a team of PhD scientists, MDs, PharmDs, nurses, designers, and communications and innovation experts. Our collective genius delivers the highest-quality scientific, medical affairs, and outcomes communication services anywhere in the world. The company thrives on three pillars of success—Precision, Integrity, and Passion. Our goal is to cultivate a culture of quality, caring, cutting-edge thinking, and service across a team, reinventing the medical and scientific communications industry standard globally.